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This site is being updated. Please feel free to use what's here, although some info may be out of date. Look out for updates coming soon..

Welcome to the section for Head Teachers and Directors of Education of Jewish Supplementary Settings (JSS).


If you run a religion school, cheder or any kind of supplementary Jewish learning environment, then this area is for you.  You'll find advice, ideas, resources, examples and general news on the following topics:


• Contracts


• Curricula

• Jewish day school pupils

• Festivals

• Going green

• Grants

• Insurance

• Outings

• Policies

• Staff training

• Whole school events 


Head Teachers of Religion Schools

Debi-Penhey Contact Debi

Debi Penhey and Ann Angel are Jewish Educators, experienced in teaching and in organising events.  They arrange and deliver staff training, intergenerational events and provide advice and guidance to anyone running a Jewish Supplementary Setting (JSS).  


Debi is the creator of Hamitria, this online resource for Jewish Educators, and the Head Teachers' Toolkit, now available online - follow the link on the left.



Contact Ann Ann Angel

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