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High Holy Day activity ideas

• Write “sins” on rice paper and float them in water (they dissolve, thereby dissolving the “sin”)


• Write sins on paper with watercolour pens and float them in water (all the letters will wash away)


• Ten pin bowling – write sins on pins (use labels) then play bowling and knock down the sins!  Skittles can be made from empty Pringles tubes, empty fizzy drinks bottles (with water or sand to weight them) or Asda are currently selling plastic bowling sets for £6 (2 sets for £10).


• Decorate honey dish (for taking home and putting honey in when dipping apples). Use glass pens on candle holders from Ikea (Galej, £1 for 4).


• Decorate kippot – buy plain white polyester kippot from John Trotter at Manor House Books (12 for £5) and use deco pens (Yellowmoon.org.uk) rather than fabric pens, as they bleed less.  Provide templates for kids to use if they prefer not to draw freehand. Debi can supply templates and cardboard cutouts (to prevent ink from one side going through to the other) - contact her for prices.


• Rosh Hashanah greetings cards – cut apples in half (from top to bottom) and use to make apple prints on card.


• Partners with God: tell the children we are all partners with God and creation is not finished; we are helping God to continue the process  Tell them that God created  corn – so we can make popcorn (make popcorn).  God created lemons, sugar cane and water – so we can make lemonade (make lemonade.


• Sorting game with Tishrei symbols – children have to sort the items into their correct festivals: jar of honey, apple, shofar, round challah, book of Jonah & the Whale, trainers/sneakers  (not leather) Torah, lulav, etrog, leaves, fruit, flags, sweets, etc.