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15 Tishrei

9 October 2014

Hebrew name means: Booths or tabernacles. The singular is sukkah.

What's it about? In ancient times when the Temple stood in Jerusalem, this was a pilgrimage holiday to celebrate the harvest. In our time it still coincides with the harvest.

Pronounce it: su-kot

When is it: Starts the evening of October 8, 2014; September 27, 2015; October 16, 2016.

Foods: No specific special food, just more big sumptuous meals.

Activities: Before the holiday, communities and some individual families build a sukkah or hut in the back garden or on the patio. The sukkah is open to the elements. During the holiday an important activity is eating in the sukkah. There is also a ritual involving blessing and waving the etrog - a citron - and the lulav - a palm branch bound with myrtle and willow.

Symbols of Holiday: The sukkah, the lulav and the etrog.

Greeting: Chag Sameach (Happy holiday) with a gutteral ch at the beginning of the first word and the end of the second.

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